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 Beihang University got the “Best System Design Award” of IARC2013
2013-08-07 | editor:Administrator


  The IARC2013 of Asia-Pacific Venue held at Tsinghua University Comprehensive Stadium. The four-rotor UAV of “Honeycomb” team from Beihang University performed outstandingly and finished the task complete autonomously and safely. At last, they won the only “Best System Design Award”.


  The “Honeycomb” includes six Master students and one Doctor student from Science and Technology on Aircraft Control Laboratory. Among them are four first grade Master students. They learn more new knowledge and in-depth research, promote team work spirit and finally finished the UAV stable flight control, navigation and precision autonomous indoor environment feature recognition. Professor Daryl Davidson, the steering Chairs of the International Association of Unmanned Systems, and Zongji Chen, the executive director of the Asia-Pacific Venue, gave the team a high evaluation.


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