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 Committee member Jian Hou won the second "Feng Ru Aviation Science and Technology Elite Award"
2013-09-27 | editor:Renlin Tang


  On September 25 to 26, 2013, the first China Aviation Science and Technology Conference, which is also called the 15th Beijing International Aviation Exhibition Summit, held in China National Convention Center. On the opening ceremony, the second session Feng Ru Aviation Science and Technology Elite Award of CSAA was announced and presented. There are nine persons who won this award. They are: Zhenghong Gao, Guanghui Wu, Xiande Qi, Li Yuan, Yuzhuo Zhang, Jian Hou, Hang Su, Jianhua Sang and Hong Nie. The nine winners are in the field of aeronautical science and technology research and work directly engaged in personnel training. They have good moral and spiritual science. As the country's aviation industry, they have made remarkable achievements and outstanding contributions.


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