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 Professor Gongxun Shen, Renlin Tang and Yachang Feng won the “CSAA Work Award”
2014-02-26 | editor:Xiaofang Zhu


  The 50th anniversary of CSAA opening ceremony held in the Beijing Conference Center on February 26, 2014. The secretary general of CSAA, Song Wu, chaired the commemoration meeting and there are nearly 400 representatives participated in the meeting.


  In celebration of the meeting, the members who have worked for the CSAA for 20-30 years are awarded for their positive contribution to the CSAA. GNC members, Prof. Gongxun Shen, Prof. Renlin Tang and Prof. Yachang Feng, won the awards respectively. They have made outstanding contributions to leading the GNC committee to be the internationally renowned academic organizations.

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