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 IEEE CGNCC2014 program/organization (Beihang University) held a coordination meeting
2014-04-09 | editor:Xiaofang Zhu


  IEEE CGNCC2014 program/organization (Beihang University) coordination meeting held at Room E804 of Beihang University New Main Building on April 9, 2014. Professor Shaoping Wang, who is the Organization Committee Chair of IEEE CGNCC2014, chaired the meeting and there are 15 GNC members attended this meeting.


  IEEE CGNCC2014 Steering Chair Haibin Duan reported the specific implementation of the program committee procedures, organization work since July 2013. This coordination meeting discussed and arranged the details of the follow-up work and developed a detailed program/organizational roadmap.


  At last, Professor Renlin Tang concluding remarks and emphasized that we should try our best to strive to make our conference become the world-class conferences. More information: http://cgncc.buaa.edu.cn



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