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 IEEE CGNCC2014 Program Committee Chairs Joint Meeting was held
2014-05-17 | editor:Renlin Tang


  IEEE CGNCC2014 Program Committee Chairs Joint Meeting was held at Room E706 of New Main Building, B E 6, 2014. The meeting was chaired by Researcher Yingxun Wang, who is the deputy chairman of IEEE CGNCC2014 and the committee director of TCGNC.


  At the meeting, Haibin Duan, the Steering chairman, made a report on the aspects of paper submissions, paper reviews and procedural arrangements. This session has received 659 papers from 12 countries and regions and among them are 486 papers written in English. These papers cover 12 major themes, such as aerospace, aviation and robotics. Then the program committee reviewed the papers strictly according to the international academic conference review procedure and judged whether the paper was oral or poster according to the review score. Besides, the chairmen discussed the principles and quantities of the paper acceptation and selected candidate papers for the 10 best papers according scores. At last, Zhihao Cai, the deputy director of the IARC (Asia-Pacific Venue) steering committee, reported the registration actuality and the preparation conditions.


  At the end of the meeting, Rulin Zhang, the program committee chairs, affirmed the preparations for the IEEE CGNCC2014 and encouraged everyone to keep on working hard to make this international event transformation run successfully. Then Zongxia Jiao, the deputy chairs of the IEEE CGNCC2014, made a summary and thanked the program committee secretariat, the participated teachers and students for their work. More information: http://cgncc.buaa.edu.cn



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