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 Deputy Director Song Kepu: Awarded as the National Advanced Worker
2015-05-20 | editor:Administrator


  On the eve of May Day, researcher Song Kepu was awarded as the National Advanced Worker, who is also the deputy director of TCGNC, CSAA, and the superintendent of xi 'an 618 institute.


  In the Morning of April 28th, Superintendent Song attended the Celebration of Labor Day and 2015 Awards Ceremony for National Model Workers as well as Advanced Workers in the Great Hall of the People. In the afternoon, the general manager of AVIC (The China Aviation Industrial) Tan Ruisong, the deputy general manager, and the chairman of trade union Gao Jianshe received Song Kepu and the other 13 representatives of Model Works in the headquarters of group company, to expressed warm congratulations for their glorious contribution.


  On April 29th, award-winning director Song Kepu took part in the Shaanxi Awards Ceremony of Labor Day in Shaanxi Hotel, where he was warmly interviewed and congratulated by Shaanxi Secretary of Provincial Party Committee, the standing committee of NPC (the National People's Congress) Zhao Zhengyong, and Governor Lou Qinjian. They also posed for group pictures


  This year, there are 2968 National Labor Models and Advanced Workers, which is the highest honor for laborers and is selected every five years.

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