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 TCGNC has been Honored by the Title of Advanced Collective System of National Association for Science and Technology

  In the past few days, 32 advanced model teams of National Association for science and technology, 31 advanced worker models, 168 advanced groups and 468 advanced workers was commended by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and China Association for Science. Technical Committee on Guidance, Navigation and Control (TCGNCC) was honored by the title of advanced group in China Association System, which is the only advanced group in China Aviation Society.


In recent years, under the guidance of China Aviation Society, under the lead of the director Wang Yingxun and the director-general Tang Renlin, Technical Committee on Guidance, Navigation and Control has carried out a lot of very fruitful work and made remarkable achievements in the aspects of international conference, the international contest, academic exchanges, science popularization and so on.


(Printed by: Tang Renlin)

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