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 The 2st Unmanned Aircraft Systems Autonomous Control Frontier Forum was Held in Xi'an

Group photo

Assembly room


  The 2st Unmanned Aircraft Systems Autonomous Control Frontier Forum was held in Xi'an from November 4 to 5 in 2017. This forum is the second academic communication after the 1st Unmanned Aircraft Systems Autonomous Control Frontier Forum held in September last year. UASACFF was held by TCGNC, TCCT, NWPU and the Key Laboratory of Information Fusion Technology, Ministry of Education. This conference aims to provide a high-level academic exchange platform for domestic experts and scholars in the field of autonomous control of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems, and demonstrate the frontier theory, key technologies and model application results.


 The opening ceremony was presided over by Professor Pan Quan, deputy director of the information fusion branch of China Aviation society, CO director of unmanned aerial vehicle autonomous control group, and professor of NWPU. First of all, Professor Song Baowei, vice president of NWPU, gave a welcome speech. He warmly welcomed the arrival of scholars and experts. Then, the director of the TCCT researcher Zhang Jifeng delivered the opening speech, he said the academic exchanges should combine the international conference and forum form, which can improve the academic conference of the international influence, and provide a more in-depth exchange platform for experts and scholars. Subsequently, Chinese Aviation Association guidance, navigation and control branch director researcher Wang Yingxun delivered the opening speech on behalf of the organizers, he successfully held the Forum on congratulations, and introduced the IEEE/CSAA guidance, navigation and Control Conference (IEEE/CSAA GNCC2018) and the 2018 international Aerial Robotics Competition (IARC2018) Asia Pacific Division. Finally, the academician Xu Demin of NWPU talked about the independent control of unmanned systems. Xu emphasized the importance and necessity of the autonomous control of unmanned systems, and pointed out the significance of this forum.


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