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 “Flying heart: Listen to a pilot to tell a story”


  On the morning of May 30th, when the "61" children's Day was coming, it was jointly sponsored by the China Aeronautical Society Science Popularization department and the guidance and navigation control branch of the China Aeronautical Society. The “Flying heart: Listen to a pilot to tell a story” was untaken by the Beihang University experimental school (primary school). The activity was successfully held in the four floor multi-function hall in the primary school department.


 As one of the series of activities of the national science and technology workers' day of China Aeronautical Society in 2018, this event invited the Chinese air force to recruit the director of the psychological selection of the pilot work bureau and the leader of the founder of the National Day 50th anniversary National Day military parade pilot. Jinfeng came to the North Airlines experimental school (primary school) and made a wonderful report on my heart flying for the first grade of 240, the children who just joined the young pioneers.


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