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    Beihang experimental school primary school held defense education activities - "Listen to the general uncle told the old hill front battle story" [2018-11-28] 
    “The 3rd Frontier Forum on Autonomous Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles was successfully held in Nanjing” [2018-11-16] 
    “The 2018 International Aerial Robotics Competition was held successfully” [2018-08-30] 
    “IEEE/CSAA GNCC2018 was held successfully!” [2018-08-15] 
    “Flying heart: Listen to a pilot to tell a story” [2018-06-19] 
    The 2st Unmanned Aircraft Systems Autonomous Control Frontier Forum was Held in Xi'an [2017-11-10] 
    The 2017 International Aerial Robotics Competition and UAV Education Equipment Exhibition were held successfully [2017-09-05] 
    TCGNC has been Honored by the Title of Advanced Collective System of National Association for Science and Technology [2017-06-20] 
    GNC Young Scientific and Technological Personnel Salon was Held Successfully [2017-01-09] 
    The 2016 International Aerial Robotics Competition was held successfully [2016-09-28] 
    The 1st Unmanned Aircraft Systems Autonomous Control Frontier Forum was Held Successfully [2016-09-11] 
    IEEE CGNCC 2016 Was Held Successfully [2016-08-16] 
    The program digest preview of IEEE CGNCC2016 [2016-07-20] 
    IEEE CGNCC 2016 procedure and coordination meeting held successfully [2016-01-14] 
    Prof. Haibin Duan was was elected the standing committee of Federation of Youth and vice-chair of science and technology sectors [2015-07-26] 
    Deputy Director Song Kepu: Awarded as the National Advanced Worker [2015-05-20] 
    Prof. Haibin Duan was awarded China ‘May 4th Youth Medal’ [2015-05-05] 
    The Conference Proceedings of 2014 IEEE CGNCC have been indexed by EI Compendex [2015-03-05] 
    The new list of TCGNC’s committee has been confirmed [2015-01-16] 
    Prof. Haibin Duan was elected member of IFAC Technical Committee [2014-12-29] 
    The Conference Proceedings of 2014 IEEE CGNCC Will be Accepted for Publication in IEEE [2014-12-16] 
    Prof. Haibin Duan won the 16th "National Excellent Scientist" [2014-12-15] 
    The 9th National Congress of Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics was Successfully held [2014-10-22] 
    Technical Committee on Guidance, Navigation and Control was Named as the Advanced Group of the 8th Council [2014-10-22] 
    2014 IEEE Chinese Guidance, Navigation and Control Conference was held successfully [2014-08-13] 
    2014 International Aerial Robotics Competition (Asia-Pacific Venue) was held successfully [2014-08-07] 
    TCGNC member Haibin Duan won ‘Mao Yisheng Science and Technology Award-Beijing Youth Science and Technology Award’ [2014-05-27] 
    IEEE CGNCC2014 Program Committee Chairs Joint Meeting was held [2014-05-17] 
    GNC Director Yingxun Wang Went to Yantai to Research the Meeting (Competition) venue Conditions [2014-05-05] 
    IEEE CGNCC2014 program/organization (Beihang University) held a coordination meeting [2014-04-09] 
    Declaration of IEEE CGNCC2014 on Paper submissions [2014-04-09] 
    Professor Gongxun Shen, Renlin Tang and Yachang Feng won the “CSAA Work Award” [2014-02-26] 
    CGNCC2014 upgraded to IEEE CGNCC2014 International Conference [2014-02-11] 
    TCGNC member Shaoping Wang and Bin Jiang named Distinguished Professor of Chang Jiang Scholars [2013-12-25] 
    Prof. Haibin Duan won the 13th China Youth Science and Technology Award [2013-12-17] 
    IARC(Asia-Pacific Venue) Technical Committee was founded in Beihang University   [2013-11-22] 
    General Secretary Renlin Tang made a report on the committee cadre training   [2013-09-29] 
    TCGNC member Jian Hou won the second "Feng Ru Aviation Science and Technology Elite Award"   [2013-09-27] 
    TCGNC Member Haibin Duan won the 12th CSAA Youth Science and Technology Award   [2013-09-27] 
    Beihang University got the “Best System Design Award” of IARC2013   [2013-08-07] 
    The first meeting of CGNCC2014 Program Committee was held in Beijing   [2013-07-24] 
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