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    Google Was Making A Space Elevator And A Hoverboard, But Couldn't Get Them To Work   [2014-04-15] 
    MH37O: Angus Houston confirms signal detected by Ocean Shield are consistent with black box   [2014-04-07] 
    NASA training Robonaut to perform surgery   [2014-04-07] 
    Rare Sight: Mars, Earth and Sun Will Align Next Week   [2014-04-05] 
    US Air Force Launches New Weather Satellite Into Orbit   [2014-04-05] 
    Health risks of Mars mission exceed NASA’s limits, experts warn   [2014-04-03] 
    U.S. military satellite launched after 15-year hold   [2014-04-03] 
    Officials: Missing plane went down in Indian Ocean   [2014-03-25] 
    5 Ways the Robots Won This Week   [2014-03-22] 
    NFlight 370 Mystery: How Can a Jetliner Drop Off the Radar?   [2014-03-11] 
    The giant doughnuts that could help a Mars landing   [2014-03-11] 
    Project 'Red Dragon': Mars Sample-Return Mission Could Launch in 2022 with SpaceX Capsule   [2014-03-10] 
    NASA unveils exoplanet haul   [2014-02-26] 
    Rise Of The Insect Drones   [2014-02-23] 
    Could Erwin the emotional android be your next best friend? Robot relationships set to be tested with new machine   [2014-02-13] 
    Robotics Professor Wows Republicans at Retreatl   [2014-02-11] 
    Man Gets First Prosthetic Hand That Can Feel   [2014-02-07] 
    Draper’s Tye Brady Honored as AIAA Associate Fellow   [2014-02-07] 
    GAGAN System reaches certification milestone in India   [2014-02-07] 
    Are drones the next target for hackers?   [2014-02-06] 
    Three more European countries implement EGNOS approach procedures   [2014-01-16] 
    GAGAN system ready for operations   [2014-01-11] 
    Chang’e III was selected to be one of the 2013 Top Ten Science News by “Global Science”   [2013-12-26] 
    “Yuanwang 6” returned   [2013-12-24] 
     Chang’e III landing zone panoramas was firstly public   [2013-12-21] 
    Chinese stealth unmanned attack aircraft “sword” successful maiden flight   [2013-11-21] 
    2013 Chinese Automation Conference opening ceremony held in Changsha, Hunan   [2013-11-11] 
    Chinese latest remote large-scale UAV was exposed   [2013-11-06] 
    The CAST on behalf of China to join the “Washington Agreement”   [2013-06-20] 
    "Aviation Knowledge" participated the CCTV special report on "Shenzhou ten"   [2013-06-17] 
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