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2018 IEEE/CSAA Guidance, Navigation and Control Conference
The 2018 IEEE/CSAA Guidance, Navigation and Control Conference will be held in Xiamen...
2018 International Aerial Robotics Competitions (Asia-Pacific Venue)
In 2012, the International Aerial Robotics Competition was first held in...
 SpaceX launches final batch of next-generation satellites          2019-01-17
 NASA provides first image from record-setting flyby of Ultima Thule          2019-01-02
 Avoidance is the Name of the Game at UAS Safety Testing          2018-12-15
 NASA Collaborates with JAXA to use Drones for Disaster Recovery Drill          2018-12-06
 20 Years Ago, Space Station Construction Beginse          2018-11-23
 China suffers a setback in the private space race          2018-11-03
 Drone Race: Human Versus Artificial Intelligence          2018-10-23
 Russia investigating failed Soyuz rocket launch          2018-10-16
 New VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) aircraft lets you skip the airport          2018-10-10
 US B-52s fly near contested islands amid China tensions          2018-09-27
 2018 IARC Web Links          2018-08-31
 IEEE/CSAA GNCC2018 Web Links          2018-08-22
 Airbus unveils Beluga XL complete with whale-themed livery          2018-07-05
 Drones to the rescue!          2018-05-02
 The flight that brings space weightlessness to Earth          2018-04-13
 Beihang experimental school primary school held defense education activities - "Listen to the general uncle told the old hill front battle story"    2018-11-28
 “The 3rd Frontier Forum on Autonomous Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles was successfully held in Nanjing”    2018-11-16
 “The 2018 International Aerial Robotics Competition was held successfully”    2018-08-30
 “IEEE/CSAA GNCC2018 was held successfully!”    2018-08-15
 “Flying heart: Listen to a pilot to tell a story”    2018-06-19
 The 2st Unmanned Aircraft Systems Autonomous Control Frontier Forum was Held in Xi'an    2017-11-10
 The 2017 International Aerial Robotics Competition and UAV Education Equipment Exhibition were held successfully    2017-09-05
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